Our Success Stories Speak Volumes About Our Customer Relationships.

Since our business began in 1975, we have been fortunate enough to have literally thousands of customer success stories.  From simply delivering an order of microprocessors to meet time-to-market demands to the development of complex technology solutions that drive innovative product development, we have plenty of stories to tell. Below are some of our more customer success stories.

OASIS Makes a “Blue” Connection With Leading Mobile Phone Manufacturer

Mobile phones and, more specifically, smart phones, are a main stay in our lives today.  The industry is in a constant state of evolution, innovation and product discovery.  In a highly competitive market where new product launches are as expected several times a year, product development using only the latest technology combined with market-leading engineering prowess is a must.  When the call came to OASIS from a leading smart phone manufacturer working on the industry’s first blue LED in a mobile phone, we answered with outstanding service.  This was not just a simple upgrade or enhancement. It was a significant change that has had lasting affects on how smart phones look and now those blue sparks of light are leaving a lasting impression on mobile phone users across the globe.  Today, we see blue LEDs not just in mobile phones but in thousands of products such as PC’s, toasters, medical equipment and even electronic toothbrushes.  This use of Blue LEDs in smart phones has now become common place but OASIS was on the forefront of this change and what is now widespread adoption.  This has resulted in the OASIS team managing the sales of hundreds of millions of LED’s with a market value that is in the tens of millions of dollars.  As a matter of fact, OASIS became one of the leading representatives for LED purchases in the country for its suppliers and continues to bring this needed technology to its customer to meet time-to-market and component cost demands.  Playing a leading role in the use of diverse technologies is nothing new to OASIS but the opportunity to play a role in such a pervasive product category like smart phones meant we had to make sure our technology, customer service and engineering connections were clear.  And for this leading smart phone manufacturer, nothing short of exceptional performance was acceptable. That is how OASIS answers the call.

Achieving Higher, More Rugged Specifications with Innovation

Our customer was called on to design in cab controls for industrial and agricultural vehicles. These designers were well versed in the electrical needs but did not have a broad background in mechanical switches and potentiometers. Oasis teamed up with the experts from Bourns and quickly helped the customer. We were able to efficiently design and provide samples on custom parts by modifying the standard devices to meet the higher, more rugged specifications. We were able to provide our customer with a custom part that can be reused in many applications on these industrial and agricultural vehicles, eventually becoming their sole source of supply. Our customer was able to finish the program on time and well within budget.

Safeguarding Systems to Prevent System Down Time and Save on the Bottom Line

Cross wiring and lightening strikes caused system controller board failure for one of our large industrial customers. The Oasis team was called into to work one of the leading engineers to correct the controller board and implement protective technology to safeguard agains future attacks. Using an industry leading circuit protection product from Oasis Sales supplier Bourns called a TBU the customer was able to eliminate failures, saving his company large amounts of money from truck rolls and rework charges. The customer is extremely happy with the TBU solution and the support he received from Oasis Sales!


Bringing to Light Solutions that Reduce Time to Market & Cost, while Expanding Business Opporunities

In any business ensuring systems have the ability to communicate with each other and function properly is critical. A customer, tasked with connecting an OEM’s test equipment to a printer for a retail store application,  had started down the path with an ARM based solution with eyes on developing a custom board. Concerned with supporting drivers in Linux on an ARM based product, the customer reached out to Oasis for technology and product support. Rather than starting from scratch and developing a custom board, Oasis was able to provide the customer with Intel’s Atom based mITX motherboard, which would give them 90+% of the solution. Reducing time to market and eliminating the need for a multiple iteration design cycle of a custom board, the customer was sold and began shipping the solution in less than nine months, cutting the time to market by over half. Implementing the Intel mITX motherboard eliminated more than $10M/year of returned product to the OEM. The OEM is now considering adapting and expanding this solution for several additional retailers.