There are rarely one-dimensional technology solutions that will satisfy the often-complex nature of many OEM products.  In many cases, multiple technologies are required for component level solution and embedded systems and that is when Oasis excels.  Oasis Sales strives to create type of relationship with its customers that spans decades.  We work to form trusting bonds where each party benefits and works together to exceed industry standards.

Our relationship with some of the top-tier manufacturers in the world, cross-industry experience and technical proficiency has proven to be invaluable for many of our customers.  We understand the intricacies of integration of various technologies into a single solution so they flawlessly perform as intended.  This means hardware, software and component technologies are brought together seamlessly to meet time-to-market expectations in the most cost effective manner possible. We provide support to engineers throughout the design process technical assistance, design samples, and procurement planning, coordinating all manufacturers straight through delivery and stock unit planning.

We are experts in the field of modern technology distinctly concentrated on the cutting-edge breakthroughs of tomorrow.  We will solve your technology challenges by delivering new and innovative products.