Since our founding in 1975, we have remained one of the countries leading technology manufacturer representatives.

We have two locations: Pewaukee, WI and Schaumburg, IL, which includes the Greater Chicago Area. Over our 36 year history, we have amassed a reputation for our technology prowess, customer service and attention to detail.  What separates Oasis from others:

  • Over 35 Years in the Embedded Electronics Market
  • Veteran Sales Professionals with 260 years of combined market experience
  • Average of 10.5 years of continuous service per sales person
  • Average customer relationship of 17 years
  • One of eighteen distinguished Intel extended sales partners in the USA

Oasis stands apart because of our in-depth understanding and expertise in embedded technologies combined with our unparalleled experience in providing integrated solutions for creating best-in-class products and services. Taking the easy way out or finding the quickest fix is not how we do business.  We deliver breakthrough results that continuously redefine the industry. We do not simply sell component pieces to fix your technical problems.  We produce long-lasting solutions.

These two aspects of Oasis help us to maintain the long-standing relationships we have grown with our customers, suppliers, and partners. We take pride in the relationships we have formed from the network of experts that work with us to the immense sources knowledge we possess across a diverse technology ecosystem.

Contact Oasis for the best in customer service and breakthrough technology solutions.